ICS In-Touch May 2010

It's time for a little spring cleaning at home and at work – including your marketing strategies, tactics and data!

In this issue of InTouch, we cover all of the marketing trends that can heat-up your marketing ROI, such as: integrated marketing (online and offline tactics), triggered communications, analytics, online paid search, list strategies and more. We've also sprinkled in a few case studies to show you how other marketers are growing their businesses.

Your time is valuable. So, InTouch sifts through everything going on in the marketing world right now and delivers only the most impactful items.

Speaking of impactful items, be sure to re-visit our Web site often as we are sprucing-up and continually adding new content– such as on-demand webinars, case studies, how-to articles and more.

I'm sure this InTouch will plant some seeds, sparking your own creativity and business growth. Whether you're a B2C or B2B marketer (or both), don't hesitate to contact ICS to help keep your marketing fresh, relevant and profitable.

Warmest Regards,
Kevin Harlow

 Kevin Harlow
 SVP Sales and Marketing, ICS

 News in Your Industry

It's Census Season! Demographic Shifts & Your Marketing Strategy – Learn the best marketing approach to each of these six generations of consumers and how NOT to make enemies with ill-informed tactics.  The expert states:  "There's nothing better" than an integrated online and offline promotion.  GREAT marketing article! (Source: delivermagazine.com)

Triggered Communications Webinar is Now On-demand – Learn how to add a powerful, automated email tool to your integrated marketing mix; trigger specific email responses according to your customer's behaviors or targeted events; have one-on-one conversations with each of your customers and prospects; and increase your email's relevancy, open rates and your sales. Plus, visit my blog for five success tips in triggered communications.

B2B Buyer Beware: Not All Data is Alike – Great list strategy article addresses the complicated world of B2B and tests major data sources.  See which data sources come-out on top or come-up short.  The article acknowledges lack of email address coverage, but does not cite how companies like ICS can overcome this challenge – maybe because many direct marketers just aren't there yet. (Source: chiefmarketer.com)

Intelligent Mail, Your Questions Answered – This Q&A article includes links to a pay-per-view webinar ("Save $ and Gain Efficiency with Full-service Intelligent Mail") and "A Guide to Intelligent Mail for Letters and Flats." (Source:  targetmarketingmag.com)

 News in Your Sector

Hot Car Report Results – Which vehicles were the biggest market share gainers and losers?  Hint: Sedans secured four out of the top five gainer slots. (Source: autoremarketing.com and kbb.com)

Sales Slow? Are You Unknowingly Sitting on a Marketing Gold Mine? – Here are "3 Tips for Turning Customer Data into Actionable Insight."  It's not surprising that analytics is a crucial, first step. (Source: targetmarketingmag.com)

CASE STUDY: Auto OEM Drives-up Response with Dynamic Messaging – See how dynamic, email messaging garnered a 44% increase in open rates and 45% increase in click-through rates for this major automotive OEM.

Insurance Co. Uses Integrated Approach to List Development – "It might seem counterintuitive to use online-generated lists for direct mail, but the fact is the number of online lists is growing." As marketers, we know that a diversified list strategy and an on-target offer are critical to a successful campaign.  (Source: targetmarketingmag.com)

CASE STUDY: Henry Ford Museum – Through a highly targeted campaign, file cleansing and a smarter approach via analytics, ICS helped The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village increase membership by over 15% in 2009.

 News at ICS

ICS Appoints New Account Manager – Welcome Ed Bodman, our new Account Manager responsible for business development in Michigan's metro areas.  He offers 25 years of marketing experience in print, mail and multichannel campaigns.

ICS's TrafficBuilder 3DSM Continues to build momentum to support consumer events – Building upon last year's extremely successful Genesis Coupe launch, business activity is shaping up nicely in support of our TrafficBuilder 3DSM Platform. Click or call to learn more about ICS's dynamic, integrated marketing tool that drives qualified prospects to consumer events.

Visit My Blog for the Top 5 PPC Pitfalls – Watch-out for these common pitfalls you might make in your next Pay-Per-Click campaign!