ICS In-Touch September 2010

I hope you're getting the most out of what's left of your summer – as well as your marketing efforts! This InTouch can help you with at least one of these endeavors.

We've gleaned from trade publications, industry blogs, client and colleague conversations and more to bring you the highlights… and this is what we've found during this past quarter.

Marketers continue to focus on the basics in data hygiene and customer loyalty. All of us know that our customer data and our customers' loyalty are our greatest assets. This InTouch shows you how to put your data to work and how to grow sales (and improve defection rates) among your current customers.

Web analytics, online ads and SEO continue to be hot topics and we cover the latest. We've also added our latest webinar to our on-demand library: "Google Analytics: Insiders' Tips & Tricks to Get More from Your Paid Search."

Of course, tying your online and offline worlds together for even greater response and sales continues to be a hot pursuit for marketers. I've also included the possible USPS rate changes, helpful case studies and a few extras... and now that we're more than half-way through 2010, I've added survey results on the top 3 online marketing trends for 2011.

Also during this past quarter, ICS celebrated its 20th anniversary! ICS - and marketing in general - experienced incredible advancements during these years - now with even more exciting ways to grow your business than ever before. Thank you for trusting us to help you.

Stay up-to-date on the latest marketing tips and trends with InTouch and my blog. Of course, you can always call, email me or contact your Account Manager to talk about how to grow your business in this ever-changing and challenging environment.

Here's to the Next Successful 20 Years!
Kevin Harlow

 Kevin Harlow
 SVP Sales and Marketing, ICS

 News in Your Industry

Integration, Integration, Integration – It's not just me on my soapbox... here are 9 ways direct mail drives targeted website traffic for even greater results. Direct mail influences 76% of Internet users to buy a product or service online. (Source: marketingprofs.com)

4 Ways to Use Web Data with Predictive AnalyticsWeb data + predictive analytics = the big ROI strike zone. Here's the article on 4 ways to find out which person will most likely be interested in which of your services or products. (Source: directmag.com)

8 Best Practices for Integrating Data into Your Email Campaign – This article covers all the bases, starting with an integrated approach. Get more out of your email marketing just by reading this article! (Source: targetmarketingmag.com)

Don't Get "Google Slapped" on Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign – If you make some of these 10 mistakes in your online advertising, Google may significantly lower your ad's search engine rankings or even close your AdWords account! (Source: SearchEngineJournal.com)

B2B List Hygiene, More Important Than Ever – During this economic downturn, many contacts on your B2B lists have shifted roles, expanded responsibilities or may no longer be the decision-maker – or even employed – at that business. Here are some tips to overcome B2B data hygiene challenges. (Source: multichannelmerchant.com)

 News in Your Sector

10 Tips and 1 Tool for Building Loyalty – "Customer loyalty matters, because selling more to current customers is easier and cheaper than finding and selling to new ones. Loyal customers tend to buy more, more regularly. And they will frequently recommend your business to others." Here are your 10 tips to build loyalty. (Source: marketingprofs.com)

  • Automotive marketers improve defection rates and win back past customers with ICS's LoyaltyBuilder. Just click to learn how.

USPS Rate Increases, Delivery Day Reductions Impact Marketers – Significant rate increases and five-day-a-week home delivery could be effective as early as January 2, 2011. Many marketers are outraged. Some are supportive. Many are moving their budgets toward online channels regardless of USPS's decisions. Click for details. (Source: dmnews.com)

 News at ICS

ICS's Earns 2011 Sonata Launch – Building upon last year's extremely successful Genesis Coupe launch, Hyundai will once again employ ICS's TrafficBuilder 3D – this time for the 2011 Sonata Nationwide Ride & Drive Event and other consumer events. Click or call to learn more about ICS's dynamic, integrated marketing tool that drives qualified prospects to consumer events.

CASE STUDY: Cengage Learning – A leading provider of academic publications successfully integrated email into their renewal and billing process.

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