ICS In-Touch June 2011

What an exciting time! It’s been such a time of growth for us and our clients since we last spoke. Things are really heating up not just in the weather, but in the economy as well.

Plus, the marketing trends we’ve been tracking are really coming to a boil and making a huge impact on many bottom lines. Here are trends that you should already be tapping into or at least investigating to grow your business:

  • Integrate online and print strategies, including Pay-Per-Click (linked to customized landing pages), social CRM and video.
  • Within your strategies, make sure your tactical online and print content is dynamic, relevant and reaches across multiple channels.
  • Emails and direct mail that are triggered by customer behaviors and events are great “conversation” starters for brand engagement (and increased sales).
  • Really get to know your best customers, find “look-alikes” for prospecting and tailor your strategy accordingly… analytics really pays for itself – many times over!
  • Seek trusted email properties (versus generic compiled lists) and data sources … Plus, reduce your risk and increase your ROI with a diversified list strategy.

Speaking of data sources and lists, ICS recently launched AutoNet B2B Automotive Masterfile and AutoNet eNewsletter Properties. We’re leading the market in both of these areas. In fact, the AutoNet Masterfile is already in high demand – being used by 8 out of the 10 leading automotive OEMs.

There’s so much going on at ICS and in the marketing industry that I found it very hard to keep this INTouch brief. So, here’s the best from this past quarter to help you get fired up.

Not sure how to apply some of these trends and tools to your marketing efforts? No problem. Just contact me and let’s talk about your specific challenge and brainstorm strategies to grow your business.

Warnest Regards,
Kevin Harlow

 Kevin Harlow
 SVP Sales and Marketing, ICS

 News in Your Industry

Social Media: Traction from the Shiny New Tool – Marketers are starting to see where social delivers on ROI and where it doesn’t. Here are a couple of good examples on where we see things evolving…

  • Social and CRM Collide – You’re already well prepared for the new social frontier as the basics still apply. For example, every Facebook “like” is a hand-raiser (of sorts), ready for the level/action in your CRM conversation. Click for the article. (Source: DMNews)
  • Social Data + Email Data = Improved Targeting, Email Relevance, Social Engagement and Sales – Here’s more on “Social e-mail" and what it means to you. (Source: DMNews)

Focus on the Right Customer for Max ROI – Use advanced analytics across multiple channels to find your best customers and then learn everything about them. By focusing on high-value customers, marketers can “redirect 15-30% of unproductive media/campaigns to higher-performing alternatives… and can expect a ROI boost 3 to 5 times higher…” (Source: DIRECT)

A Simple “Thank You” Goes a Long Way in Email Marketing, CRMThis article shows how email marketing can build loyal relationships (and thereby sales) with a simple “thank you” email process. Consider adding anniversary, birthday, shipment notifications and more with triggered communications. (Source: MarketingProfs)

Get Even More From Paid Search With a Negative Keyword ListThis article will help you reach your ideal prospects and reduce your Cost Per Click. Examples show you how to “refine your keyword list and filter out unwanted traffic on your paid search campaigns.” (Source: MarketingProfs)

  • Integrating Email and Paid Search/SEM Programs – Four tips on integrating these channels for greater response and sales. Customized search landing pages is one tip, click for the other three! (Source: BtoB Magazine)

Want Better Customer Acquisition? Integrate Your Online and Print This article clearly demonstrates why I constantly push integration. Marketers who layer online, interactive (and personalized) elements onto their direct mail, can bank on higher response and conversion rates. (Source: DMNews)

 News in Your Sector

ICS TrafficBuilder3DICS Expands TrafficBuilder3D with Social Media Features – As part of an integrated strategy, social media offers a great way to generate targeted leads. Here’s how ICS’s TrafficBuilder3D drives prospects to GM’s experiential events using social media, paid search and online banner ads based on geo-targeting and keyword intercepts. (Source: ICS)

CASE STUDY: Learn how American Physicians Assurance’s new Web-based data management system lets them quickly and easily update their multi-sourced data and conduct targeted, relevant communications. (Source: ICS)

Education Marketers Boost Acquisition with Strategy and Timing ShiftsThis article shows how marketers are boosting student acquisition and retention by moving away from the traditional seasonal approach. After doing their homework, they found success with integrated strategies that are tailored to the “buying” lifecycle and communication preferences. (Source: DMNews)

  • New Data Source Outperforms Traditional Sources in Education Sector – Scholarships.com is quickly outpacing traditional educational data sources, providing access to transfer students, fresher student data for “field of study” and student email. Click to learn why.

 News at ICS

ICS AutoNetICS Launches AutoNet B2B Automotive Masterfile – As the most comprehensive, automotive data collection, ICS’s Masterfile is already in high demand. It’s the US’s largest B2B Masterfile (17 Million business-specific records) and the industry’s largest self-reported data collection. Click for a PDF with more info on this postal Masterfile. (Source: ICS)

New to the Market in 2011, ICS Launches AutoNet eNewsletter Properties – Hundreds of Web sites have millions of visitors each month who opt-in for free newsletters appealing to their interests. ICS is tapping into this growing trend, providing access to top brands (Harley Davidson, FitDay) and key segments (Hunting, parenting, vacation homes, Do it Yourself, family). While these properties are upper sales funnel, they’re more economical and can be a great fit for certain programs. Contact us for data cards and to see if these properties are right for you.

FamilyCorner.com FitDay
Horsetopia.com Craftster
doityourself VactionHomes

ICS welcomes Bryan Richard, Project Manager – In his new role at ICS, Bryan is managing high-level programs with a primary focus in: List Acquisition, E-Mail Marketing, Web Development, Direct Mail and Analytics. Bryan offers several years of account management experience and a degree in Computational Mathematics from Michigan State University. He is a very enthusiastic and bright individual and we are excited to have him on our team.