ICS In-Touch September 2011

With the frenetic pace of work and home life, it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with all of the advancements in the marketing world. With fall already upon us, this edition of InTouch will quickly get you up-to-speed.

Here's what we've been tracking in the last quarter in industry trade publications, blogs, client discussions and your feedback. As marketers get savvier with digital tools - such as SEO, PPC, email, mobile, social and web portals - the clamor for better integration is growing! Yes, it's finally hitting home: Integrated, multichannel strategies are more effective than single channel approaches.

Just this quarter, we had one client achieve a 300-400% enrollment increase using an integrated strategy. You need to be testing in this area, if you're not already!

It's now about the right message to the right customer at the right time in the right mix of channels. Here, we hit on many of the channels and give you tips on getting more from your SEO, landing pages, email, direct mail - and how your data and analytical insight is the foundation for all of these tools.

In addition, new channels are providing new data sources and intelligence. Translation: Your data-driven marketing gets laser-targeted, highly personalized with precision-timing. This also presents an interesting challenge that will continue to trend - it's now more important than ever to balance that fine line between being relevant and just plain creepy! Show your customers that you really understand them without giving them the feeling of being stalked.

On a final note, I must thank our clients for helping ICS earn a spot on Inc. Magazine's 5000 List of Growth Companies - for the fifth straight year! This is an incredible accomplishment. Congratulations to the ICS team who works hard everyday at growing our clients' business.

As always, don't hesitate to contact me about how to use any of these marketing tools or capitalize on these trends to grow your own business.

Kevin Harlow

 Kevin Harlow
 SVP Sales and Marketing, ICS

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 News in Your Sector

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 News at ICS

Inc. Magazine Names ICS on Its 5000 Growth Companies for the 5th Straight Year – "With this accomplishment, ICS joins the 2011 Inc. 500 | 5000rarified company of enterprises that have appeared on the list multiple times, many of which have grown to become national icons," said Inc. editor-in-chief Jane Berentson. Here's ICS President Ken Orr's take on this award and where the company is headed.

ICS welcomes Julie Nelson and Nick Van Huis
  • As Marketing Manager, Julie provides marketing strategy insight, supports new business development and transitions projects from pre-sale into operations. She offers 17 years of experience and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from U of M.
  • As Digital Media Coordinator, Nick supports projects with Paid Search/Google AdWords and organic search elements. He is also re-vamping ICS's social media presence and will be assisting clients in this area as well. Nick graduated from MSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

ICS Launches New Website – Please visit our updated website, especially our case study database, on-demand webinar library and service and product line-ups with print-on-demand brochures. Considering a web update of your own? Visit our SEO page and see this article on helping your website "earn its keep." (Sources: ICS, MarketingProfs)