ICS In-Touch June 2012

Personicx® Digital + ICS’s AutoNet = Powerful Online Shopper Insight 
Integrating Email and Mobile for Higher Conversion Rates
Compiled Vs. Specialty Lists in Email Marketing
Case Studies:  Automotive, Finance and Education
AutoNet Adds Lead Scoring Feature
And More…

I can’t believe it’s almost the mid-point mark in 2012 already.  While this year is flying by, the marketing world seems to be spinning that much faster.

As always, technology – and the growing number of ways to connect with your customers and prospects – is what’s setting the pace.  We attempt in this InTouch to keep you focused on what will grow your business and set aside the latest, trendy tactics that just haven’t proven their ROI worth yet.

An Eye on Where We’ve Been…
We cover an interesting study showing that print is still the preferred channel for affluent Americans, plus we discuss the more important takeaway of integrating print and digital channels for better response and conversion rates.

InTouch also gives you some insightful case studies in various sectors, showing you how some of the latest marketing technologies and tools are applied in the real-world.  Plus, we give guidance on selecting the right list for your email marketing campaigns. 

An Eye on Where We’re Heading…
InTouch gives you some practical tips on how to integrate email and mobile for better response rates.

While mobile – and all digital marketing, for that matter – is a logical growth area it’s also important to note the Direct Marketers Association’s predicted growth in traditional direct marketing!

Lastly, we also fill you in on some exciting updates in AutoNet, a new team member and more.

If you have any questions on how to capitalize on the latest tools and trends to grow your business, don’t hesitate to call.

Warm Regards,

Kevin Harlow
SVP Sales and Marketing, ICS

 News in Your Industry

Acxiom®’s Personicx® Digital + ICS’s AutoNet = Powerful Online Shopper Insight – You may already know that AutoNet gives you the largest source of in-market, automotive shopper profiles.  Now, we can overlay Personicx’s new segmentation tool that tracks consumers’ online behavior.   Contact your account manager to learn how to use this powerful combination and the insight from 49 clusters to tailor your marketing strategy and increase sales.  (Sources: ICS and Personicx)

Integrating Mobile and Email for Higher Conversions – Integrating your mobile and email marketing is a great way to lift response and conversion rates.  Here are seven tips on optimizing your email for mobile devices. (Source: DMA Email Blog U.K.)

What Type of Email Prospecting Works Best? – Learn the differences between compiled and specialty lists and what it means for your ROI.  This ICS blog post gives you expert advice, including three steps for prospecting success.  (Source: ICS)

Print Media Still Reigns with Affluent Americans…For Now – This study’s static snapshot shows that print media still reigns, but keep in mind that integrating print and digital channels significantly boosts your sales/response.  The real lesson for marketers is in integration and the explosive adoption of digital media.  (Source: Ad Age Magazine)

 News in Your Sector

Automotive Case Study:  This automotive OEM took a new approach to email marketing as part of its luxury vehicle launch.  The strategy paid-off in a big way at ride and drive events.  (Source: ICS)

Financial Services Case Study:  This client wanted more control over their email marketing content and deployment.  The client also wanted to use Preference Centers to give its members control over what communications they wanted and how they wanted to receive them.   (Source: ICS)

Education Marketing Makes the Grade on Your Bottom Line – This brief teaches education marketers how to grow their business even with increased competition for student enrollment, growing expenses, tighter budgets and fewer resources.  These additional case studies were hand-picked to demonstrate real-world application.  (Source: ICS)

 News at ICS

ICS Adds Lead Scoring to AutoNet – AutoNet adds 400,000-plus new in-market shoppers every month.  Now, AutoNet includes a new lead scoring model that identifies which of these households is most likely to purchase your product.  You can even score “older” leads.  Contact your account manager for more details on AutoNet 360? and learn about the five intelligence areas that give you a complete, household view. (Source: ICS)

ICS Welcomes Victoria Stefanic – Victoria recently joined the ICS team as a Project Manager and offers 10 years of project management experience in the direct marketing industry.  Victoria is a great addition to our team as we continue to grow along with our clients’ businesses.