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ICS In-Touch 1st Quarter 2014
Big Data & What It Means to Your Business in 2014, Psst…Here’s a Peak at Your Peers’ 2014 Budgets & Industry Trends, Case Study: National Franchise Boosts Conversion Rates with Email Marketing Automation, 2014 AutoNet Updates for Automotive Marketers, Best of the Blog Showcase - The Race Is On: Luxury Automotive Marketers Jockey for the Millennial Buyers’ Dollars

ICS In-Touch October 2013
New AutoNet Features Add Even Greater Insight, Targeting, Sales & ROI; PPC + Web Site Analytics = Retargeting Success; Study Results: Email Marketing Trends; How To Build a B-to-B Marketing Database for Better CRM, Increased Sales; Case Study: ICS Hones Targeting & Saves Over $100,000 in Postage for Utility Company; Best of the Blog Showcase - Webinar: How to Select the Right Marketing Automation Approach, 11/5 @ 2 p.m. EST

ICS In-Touch July 2013
ICS Data Enhancement Test Improves Sales Conversions by 41%; Self-Service Marketing Automation Tools vs. Marketing Automation Service Providers; Best of the Blog Showcase - 3 Tips from Top Automotive Marketers on How to Drive-up Response Rates & Sales.

ICS In-Touch March 2013
National Retailer Laser Targets its Marketing Via a Marketing Data Warehouse & Analytics; Your Peers Plan Big Investments in Data Management and Analytics in 2013; Replace Your Crystal Ball with Analytics to Predict Who Will Most Likely Purchase Your Product; Best of the Blog Showcase – What’s the best prospecting list for my business

ICS In-Touch June 2012
Acxiom Plus ICS AutoNet Gives Powerful Online Shopper Insight; Integrating Mobile and Email for Higher Conversions; What Type of Email Prospecting Works Best; Print Media Still Reigns with Affluent Americans; Education Marketing Makes the Grade on your Bottom Line; ICS Adds Lead Scoring to AutoNet; several case studies and more.

ICS In-Touch February 2012
2012 Trends and Predictions – It Always Comes Back to Data; Top 3 Smart Marketing Segments That Should Be In Your 2012 Plan; Growing Your Email Lists & Getting Into the InBox; The Importance of Data Warehousing; USPS Upcoming Changes & Your 2012 Plans; Where SEO is Headed; ICS Launches MarketSmart Insight

ICS In-Touch September 2011
Inc. Magazine Names ICS on Growth List, Optimizing Landing Pages, Balancing Between Relevance & Creepiness, Get Even More from Email, Events, Predictive Modeling for Better ROI, Case Studies: Auto, Healthcare, ICS Updates Website, Adds Team Members

ICS In-Touch June 2011
Really know your best customers and get your max ROI; ICS launches AutoNet B2B Automotive Masterfile to high demand; social media finds its place in the marketing mix (it may not be what you think); AutoNet eNewsletter Properties forge new list territory; several case studies and more.

ICS In-Touch February 2011
Six triggered emails you must do in 2011; Chrysler, Amica; USPS updates; FTC’s Do-Not-Track Proposals, AutoNet B2B Masterfile; & more.

ICS In-Touch September 2010
Get more from Paid Search with Google Analytics; integrating data into your email; building loyalty & sales; USPS rate/delivery changes; better data hygiene means better ROI…

ICS In-Touch May 2010
Demographic shifts; triggered communications; B2B data; intelligent mail bar codes; hottest car sales; customer data & actionable insight; case studies, etc.

ICS In-Touch February 2010
Online marketing success tips; event marketing, data warehousing & incentive case studies; analytics “2010-style”; email marketing tips for small businesses; & more.

ICS In-Touch October 2009
Small tweaks in email can make a huge impact; quality & quantity make up the best analytics; SEM podcast; Hartford Insurance case study; new webinar, etc.

ICS In-Touch June 2009
Paid Search in Event Marketing; Paid Search webinar; Optimize for better Email Marketing; Data holds the key to cross-sell and up-sell; Two Men And a Truck, Ford and MSU case studies; automotive marketing articles, etc.

ICS Advisor February 2009