ICS Promotes Scholarships.com as a Better Performing Data Source for Education Marketers

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ICS Promotes Scholarships.com as a Better Performing Data Source for Education Marketers

Lansing, MI - June 1, 2011 - ICS Marketing Support Services (ICS) promotes Scholarships.com as a better performing data source alternative for Education Marketers. Campaign performance metrics show Scholarships.com is quickly outpacing traditional data sources (such as ACT, NRCCUA and others). According to Kevin Harlow, SVP of ICS Sales and Marketing, the primary reasons that Scholarships.com is garnering better ROI are:

  • Ability to target community college and transfer students
  • Deeper student and family data
  • More recently gathered email and postal data
  • More accurate data on college interests
  • More comprehensive data, collected throughout the college experience

Scholarship.com Profile Information

The college students in this opt-in email file are recent high school graduates, young adults and adults returning to college who have voluntarily provided unique details about their intended fields of study and career aspirations at their respective institutions, financial needs, special talents and a host of other related demographic markers. These students are enrolled at two- and four-year colleges and universities, certification programs, career schools and similar institutions of higher education.

The college students in this file are registered users of Scholarships.com, a scholarship search and financial aid resource. The Scholarships.com user file is a 100% opt-in source of not only college students, but all high school and post-secondary students, young adults and parents searching for college scholarships, grants, student loans and financial aid information.

These registered users complete personal profile questionnaires volunteering rich demographic and geographic information. Registered users who are parents complete a personal profile questionnaire on behalf of their child. This personal profile, containing specific skills, talents, interests and abilities of students, is then matched to a database of college scholarships, grants and student loan opportunities. College students make up a significant portion of these registered users.

The Scholarships.com website is a member of TRUSTe, BBB Online and VeriSign Secure Site programs. This file is ideal for marketers targeting college students, a diverse group of individuals from all demographic backgrounds who are excellent prospects for book, music, travel and apparel offers.

The file enforces frequency limits to prevent recipient burnout, offers pre- and post-campaign analytics and practices strict rejection of questionable offers that generate high opt-outs, thus increasing message readership. The Scholarships.com website is both the source of the existing business relationship with the user and the location from which the user agreed to receive marketing offers, making the file perfectly suitable for your commercial email requirements.

Postal selects are available starting at $100/M and email selects start at $75/M. Contact your ICS Account Executive for detailed pricing on your specific application.


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