Inc. Magazine Names ICS as One of the Fastest-Growing Companies For the 6th Consecutive Year

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Inc. Magazine Names ICS as One of the Fastest-Growing Companies For the 6th Consecutive Year

Lansing, MI – September 24, 2012 – For the sixth consecutive year, Inc. Magazine ranks ICS Marketing Services on the 5000 Growth Companies List of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. “To rank among the 2012 Inc. 5000, your company had to thrive through three of the toughest years this economy has seen in living memory. Your success in such times is eloquent testimony to your team’s creativity, resilience and tenacity,” said Inc. editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg.

Qualifications for the
2011 Inc. 500/5000 List

The company must:

  1. Have generated revenue by March 31, 2008;
  2. Have generated at least $100,000 in revenue in 2008;
  3. Have generated at least $2 million in revenue in 2011;
  4. Be privately held, for profit, based in the U.S. and independent (not a subsidiary or division of another company).

ICS's 2012 Stats:

  • Three-year growth:  13%
  • 2011 Revenue:  $8.1 million
  • 2008 Revenue:  $7.1 million
  • Employees:  47
  • Industry Rank:  #401

Putting ICS's Ranking in Context:

Ken Orr
Ken Orr, President
ICS Marketing Services

Where ICS is Headed in 2012-2013
According to Ken Orr, President of ICS Marketing Services, the company has not experienced any dramatic changes since being ranked on Inc.'s 2011 list; however, the team is putting a stronger focus on three key areas:

  1. Measurement – Making Sure Every Marketing Dollar a Client Spends Makes an Impact
  2. Targeting Mid-size Businesses Across Industry Sectors
  3. Analytics – Looking at Data to Make Better Decisions

Measurement: Making Every Dollar Count
“Successful marketing is all about measurement: Setting clear goals at the beginning and tracking the impact of every marketing program. With all of the latest advancements and changes in the industry, the need for measurement remains constant. We want to stress the importance of measurement to clients and make every marketing program coming out of ICS measurable,” said Orr.

Mid-size Business: ICS's Growth Area
“Just as I've said in previous years, a lot of ICS's stability is based on our clients' wide range of industry sectors. We never have all of our eggs in one basket. Building on this diversity, we're now zeroing-in on mid-size businesses. These companies may have resources to handle their marketing creative, but don’t necessarily hire agencies to handle the technical and integration side of things.

“That's where we're different. Our strike zone is in applying cost-effective, easy-to-use marketing technologies and launching integrated, data-driven marketing programs with better results.”

Analytics: Who's Really Buying
“You can have a great multichannel marketing program that’s based on the latest technologies. But if you don’t have a clear understanding of your best customers, then you’re not going to get what you should out of it.

“In fact, some clients believe they already have a good understanding of their customers, and then they’re quite surprised after we run some analytics. I recommend that you take a look at who is actually buying your products or services and know exactly where your strongest potential growth is. This type of analysis doesn’t cost much or take a lot of time and it pays for itself quickly.

“As far as future investments go, we’ll continue to focus on building custom data models and customer profiles for better targeting. We’re also excited about our Marketing Data Warehouse which is essentially a marketing database that ties all of your programs together and helps you make better decisions. This warehouse is scalable for large corporations that deal with multiple databases and departments or even for small-to-mid-size businesses who can export transactional data from their QuickBooks to track the sales impact of their marketing programs.”

Where the Marketing Industry is Headed
“The industry direction is still basically the same since last year. We’re still seeing the migration to highly targeted, multichannel marketing that is more meaningful and tailored to every consumer. Of course, a lot of this is powered by new data sources, better data quality and expanding digital, mobile and personalized print channels.

“But I have noticed an interesting twist. Direct marketing has been swinging back a bit with a different kind of growth. The growth is in the technology and data tools that support it. So now, your print and direct mail are based on even sharper targets than before versus more of a broader shot.”

A Look Back: ICS's Record on the Inc.5000

Rank Revenue Employees
2012 4,289 $8.1 million (based on 2011) 47
2011 4,098 $7,325,312 (based on 2010) 47
2010 4,889 $5,914.005 (based on 2009) 41
2009 3,705 $7,146,802 (based on 2008) 45
2008 4,308 $5,660,655 (based on 2007) 50
2007 3,128 $5,593,810 (based on 2006) 44

About ICS
As direct marketing & technology experts, ICS

  • Finds & converts clients’ best sales leads
  • Integrates online & offline marketing
  • Enhances Customer Communication Relevancy
  • Reduces marketing costs & management time 
  • Measures & Optimizes marketing efforts & 
  • Proves increased sales

ICS offers eight primary service and product areas: