ICS Launches AutoNet, Grows Sales in Automotive & Related Sectors

Added: 7/10/2013 1:32:36 PM
Contact: Kevin Harlow, SVP Sales & Marketing
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ICS Launches AutoNet Website, Helps Automotive Marketers Grow Sales

Lansing, MI – June 10, 2013 – ICS Marketing Services formally launches AutoNet, the automotive industry's most comprehensive source of marketing data for email marketing, direct mail and multi-channel marketing.

"Since our soft launch over a year ago, eight out of 10 automotive OEMs and 20 out of the top 30 US brands now use AutoNet for growing sales in new and used automotive, small commercial fleet vehicles and related sectors such as auto finance, insurance and aftermarket products and services," said Kevin Harlow, senior vice president of sales and marketing at ICS.

ICS AutoNet

According to Harlow, AutoNet gives marketers access to:

  • Over 400,000 New Shoppers Each Month
  • 17 Million Business Vehicles and Over 7 Million Businesses
  • Self-reported Vehicle Ownership History: 45 Million Households and 87 Million Vehicles
  • All Opt-in & Shelby Compliant Data
  • Industry's Best Email Response Rates
  • Both Email & Postal Data Options

Harlow attributes AutoNet's quick popularity to marketers getting higher response rates and sales. "It's AutoNet's combination of the industry's best and widest data coverage plus analytics and list strategy." Harlow explains that marketers get the best results when they start with AutoNet data and then:

Kevin Harlow
Kevin Harlow, SVP
Sales & Marketing, ICS

ICS launched an AutoNet web site: www.icsautonet.com including product details and data card information for marketers in automotive and related industry sectors. The company also posted a blog describing three ways the top automotive marketers are driving-up response rates and sales.

"It's been exciting for us to be a part of the auto industry's recovery. ICS AutoNet's success is really just about the convergence of a wide scope of consumer data, advancing marketing technologies, analytics and marketers' trust in ICS to strategically put is all together to grow their businesses," Harlow concluded.

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