ICS Consumer Events

ICS gets more ROI from your events by making sure your strategy isn't all about the party, but who attends - and then buys!

Get the Right Attendees - Blend email, direct &
online leads within drive-time and geo targets

Audience Acquisition Methodology – ICS’s proven approach – is highly integrated, targeted and…

  • Includes email, direct mail and digital lead generation (e.g. paid search, online ads and social media)
  • Is drive-time-specific and geo-targeted
  • Features ICS's online, automated Registration Management Portal
    • Monitor attendance in real-time
    • Track spending per market needs
  • Incorporates ICS's expertise and guidance in…
    • Direct response disciplines that work
    • How to best use your customer and prospect data
    • Sophisticated market planning, evaluating market size/strength compared to your capacity in each market
    • Anticipating asset strengths based on medium and historic performance
  • Leverages ICS AutoNet for the best, diversified Automotive Acquisition Solution (such as ride and drive events and more).

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