Yields the Best Marketing ROI, Improves Defection Rates, Wins Back Past Customers

Get Your Best Marketing ROI From:

  1. Your current owners who are over 300% more likely to purchase your brand again*
  2. Your past owners who are 150-200% more likely to purchase your brand again*
  3. Handraisers who have not yet purchased your brand, but have asked for information*

*Compared to your best competitive prospect

Wouldn’t it be great to know when your customers are actively shopping for a new vehicle?

What if you also knew the makes and models they are actively shopping for … and could quickly intercept and deliver a discrete message, encouraging the purchase of your product?

With LoyaltyBuilder, we provide you exclusive access to:

  • Target in-market shoppers at the most critical point in the shopping cycle
  • Customize your communications and offers to targeted consumers
  • Improve defection rates
  • Grow marketing ROI and sales

With the low costs of LoyaltyBuilder to identify this “golden sliver” of active shoppers, you can quickly generate solid ROI by improving your defection rate.

Gain even more traction by adding a “Win Back program” for past customers.

For enhanced targeting among current owners and even conquesting, just couple LoyaltyBuilder with ICS's AutoNet the most comprehensive email and postal data available.

Click to learn how LoyaltyBuilder’s advanced data processing works with AutoNet to grow your automotive sales.

Contact us or view this detailed product overview to learn how LoyaltyBuilder uses ICS's AutoNet and IBM SPSS Neural Networks to grow your automotive sales.