List Strategy

Jessica Maidlow
Jessica Maidlow
List Department Manager

You won’t find a more effective approach to list strategy. Unlike major compilers who will sell you their lists, ICS scans all lists, industry-wide – creating a diversified list strategy based on your targets and business goals.

An important component of this list strategy is our “performance-based testing plan.” This plan includes testing of up to six of the industry’s best list sources from a variety of data types (Web/Internet, publishing, etc.). We will work with you to set “evaluation metrics” up-front in our planning.

We use our performance-based testing process as a ROI-based foundation to quickly optimize your marketing efforts.

With Strategic List Services, You Get…

  • Broad List Consulting Experience
  • Access to the U.S.’s Largest List Network – Over 120,000 B2C, B2B, specialty, compiled and in-house sources
  • A Smarter, Safer Approach to Optimized Marketing – Thanks to our performance-based testing and our “no single source relationship” approach
  • Integrated Direct, Email and Targeted Lead Generation – For greater sales/response lift
  • Advanced Analytical Tools – For refined targeting
  • Peace of Mind – Our exclusive, no-cost, 4-point quality check lets you know that every list is what we say it is
  • A Diversified Strategy – Reduced risk, increased returns…ulitmately maximizing your efforts to grow your business
  • More Prospects Converting to Customers

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